Robert Weeks

Ever since enduring the wrath of his parents by racking up huge dial up internet bills as a child, Robert has had a keen interest in how the internet can be used socially and later within business to change lives. As a product manager at an ISP his job is to have an awareness of how the internet has shaped the digital economy, as well as looking to the future at the technologies and trends that will define how the businesses will compete in the coming years.

Robert has a passion for businesses to consider their internet connection as essential as electricity and water, as well as talking in plain English to help everyone navigate technical subjects.

Don’t let your internet connection drown your business

In just a few years, our idea of what we should be able to do on the internet has changed significantly, and even the smallest business owner can now be expected to suddenly be a technical expert too. The explosion in the use of bandwidth can also cause significant stresses on doing business online, and Robert will aim to explain to you in plain English how to meet these challenges

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