Sean Purcell

Sean is an award-winning trainer and coach who focuses exclusively on helping millennial leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve the lives that they aspire to. Having been one of the youngest managers within the further education industry, Sean then progressed on to becoming the youngest Executive Director of a national provider of public services within England and the Republic of Ireland. His experience of leadership and entrepreneurship as a millennial has given him a valuable insight in to how other millennials can develop their careers or business ventures by understanding themselves, their purpose, and the unique value they add to the world. Sean also provides practical tools and techniques to help millennials make a success of their leadership role or business venture, ensuring that they have the systems and mindset that will transform how they operate.

''The Age of the Millennial is here: How to fulfil your potential in a world that is waiting for your arrival.''

Sean gives an understanding of the future of work and enterprise and explains why he believes that The Age of the Millennial is here. Attendees are given a framework to understand how they can capitalise on a world that is expecting a lot from them, without losing direction or focus. Attendees will explore the actions they can take to get their personal brand out in the world and make that first step in to leadership or entrepreneurship.


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