Somayeh Aghnia

Somayeh is co-founder and managing director at Geeks Ltd, a successful and exceptionally innovative software house in south London. With over 15 years of experience in software design and a passion for process improvement, she is
focused on impacting the software development industry with a vision to enable businesses to be more innovative with the opportunities that software automation can bring on the table. With Geeks, Somayeh has won many prestigious awards including the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Accelerating Business Innovation via Smart Software Automation

Unless one has been living in a cave, there should be no doubt that IT is vital to business in this digital age. But with endless choices of platforms, technologies and products, it can be overwhelming for non-techy business leaders to make the right one.
In this seminar I''ll discuss these challenges, and share the latest methods to form a solid digital strategy that gets you ahead of the competition.


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