Steevan Glover

Steev is a founder and director of Brewd, the agile marketing agency that delivers B2B content and digital marketing. Brewd are software agnostic, jargon light and agile in what they do and how they work. Brewd offer a plug-n-play service matching their skills and services to individual needs of their clients. Their approach provides a transparent end-to-end marketing service based on Plan - Create - Do... marketing made simple. 

Steev has spent 25 years creating and delivering award winning marketing campaigns and has earned the reputation of a free, original marketing thinker and a status quo agitator. He dislikes the expansion of marketing jargon and the endless faddist rebranding of simple marketing principles. He''s a husband, father, published author of crime thrillers, a retired rugby player, boxing fan and occasional Panto Dame! - Oh yes, he is.

Why agile marketing is essential for ambitious fast growing SMEs

Agile marketing offers SMEs the chance to take better control of their capital spend, campaign budgets and content marketing. In this seminar, we discuss the 6 key reasons why an agile marketing partnership is perfect for UK SMEs; whether they are in a start-up phase, fast sales growth or fully established. Being able to plug-n-play marketing strategy, creative and delivery into a business is the smart, fast and simple way to ensure that its marketing is aligned to its business objectives.

Steevan Glover will be speaking in the following theatres:

Financial Services Theatre - Wednesday 11.45 - 12.15: Why agile marketing is essential for ambitious fast growing SMEs


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