Steve Heaney MC has served with every Special Forces unit with which the British Military has links. He led teams around the world instructing forces in the tactics, techniques and procedures required to operate as an advance force. He was the commander of the first team to cross the border into Kosovo; operating beyond the reach and support of the remainder of the army.
In 2000, Heaney was the Pathfinder Platoon Sergeant deployed to Sierra Leone. Intended to last 48 hours, the mission mutated into a 16 day jungle siege seeing 26 men take on 2000 heavily armed RUF rebels. HM The Queen awarded him the Military Cross for his actions in taking control of that battle.
After leaving the military, Steve became a Senior Military and Security Advisor to the United Arab Emirates government, providing advice and training across the full spectrum of Dismounted Close Combat and Internal Security Operations. He is author of two Sunday Times bestselling books.


Making tough decisions under extreme pressure, with limited resources and to tight timelines... and almost always against the odds are common practise for high performing teams. Steve will share with you how to increase the effectiveness of your team allowing them to challenge larger organisations. Are you using Force Multipliers? Force Multiplication is just one of Steve’s military procedures that are transferable to your structure ensuring that it is optimised for success.


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