Steven Gobby

Steven Gobby has a 20 year military and GCHQ background in radio and security, including training at Bletchley Park. In the last 15 years working as a Facilities Manager & Consultant at 27 schools & Universities.
Attained level 4 Reiki Master Teacher and developed a keen interest in personal health & wellbeing, including being a brand ambassador for a natural skin care range with Lord Sugar & Susan Ma (Apprentice) and top salesperson for 6 months.
Searching for a fresh challenge in 2017 a new method of looking at the body from the inside presented itself in the form of the H.E.L.O. by World Global Network, a category creator and currently number 4 in world.

Impact on future of our lives using wearable technology devices

Digital Health & Wearable Technology now allows us for the first time to take our health-care into self-care, by monitoring and measuring our body vitals. If we can measure our heart, blood pressure, oxygen, blood glucose levels then we can make the necessary adjustments to increase our overall wellness. Let’s look into the future including prediction!


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