Tahir Parker

I started First Aid Training Organisation in 1995 .The Business started with very few resources and has had some of the biggest international businesses as clients.

Stress At Work

You might already be a business owner or you might be starting out .Are you losing sleep?not finding time for social activity ,increasingly stressed or just not enjoying your business .Progress does not have to cost you your health .I will be helping you to develop strategies that look after you and your business . I am here to share so that you can enjoy a happy ,healthy business journey .

Tahir Parker will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 5 - Wednesday 12.30 - 13.00: Build resilience and enjoy your business


  • David Luper: Speaking at The Business Show

    David Luper

    Learn how to save money sourcing your products in China

  • Howard Sheldon: Speaking at The Business Show

    Howard Sheldon

    How Cloud Computing offers flexible working.

  • Jude Faultless: Speaking at The Business Show

    Jude Faultless

    7 questions: how to create compelling content that drives sales.

  • Jason Thickpenny: Speaking at The Business Show

    Jason Thickpenny

    How the Greater Business Show 2017 Motivated Me to Start a Business.