Terry Toms

Terry Toms – Founder and Managing Director, RandDTax
After qualifying in banking and developing a successful career in the software industry then providing consultancy services to technology companies Terry Toms spent ten years providing R&D Consultancy services before founding RandDTax in September 2012. He served on the R&D Tax Credits Committee of the technology industry trade body while it existed. RandDTax now has 17 shareholders, all active in the business, and in 6 years has helped more than 1020 companies across the UK gain in excess of £91.5million in support of well over 4000 R&D projects. In December 2017 RandDTax was awarded the Business Innovation Award at the National SME Awards.

R&D Tax Credits – Financially very rewarding. Not without risk.

Claims can be worth up to 33.5% of costs. Find out what work qualifies, what type of companies have typically claimed, and what sort of R&D they have carried out. What sort of supporting information do HMRC expect to see to support claims. What are common errors and causes of instigating HMRC enquiries. Why do companies often underclaim? Specialist expertise is often needed. What does this cost?

Terry Toms will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 13 - Wednesday 13.15 - 13.45: R&D Tax Credits – Financially very rewarding. Not without risk.


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