Tod Perry

Tod Perry is Head of SME Sales at E.ON. In his previous role he managed Meter Operations in the UK, responsible for installing smart meters across the country. Prior to that he helped set up E.ON’s award-winning global corporate venture capital activity based in Germany, and led customer-facing investments. These investments form the backbone of E.ON UK’s digital and energy efficiency toolkits for our residential and SME customers. Before moving to Europe, he was an analyst for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory providing guidance to the U.S. Department of Energy, and similar organizations in other countries, on innovation and commercialisation strategies. He worked at Harvard Business School and received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Harvard University. While at Harvard, he also co-founded two companies.

Tod will be joined by experts in energy audits, lighting solutions and connections services, as well as colleagues in our account sales & servicing teams.

Improving margins by saving energy and maximizing assets

At E.ON, as well as supplying electricity and gas, we’re offering customers more tailored energy solutions. These range from helping customers save energy with solutions such as energy audits and exclusive discounts on energy saving products, to helping customers make money with on-site generation. At the seminar you’ll hear about ways to approach energy management to help improve your business’s bottom line, and see examples of businesses we’ve helped.