Tony Barritt

"Helping companies make their customer experience remarkable by uncovering truths, driving enhancements, validating progress and rewarding best practice, is the key purpose of Tony and the team at Investor in Customers.
Tony has had more than 30-years’ experience in marketing and customer experience, working across many industries. Much of Tony’s career was spent at Video Arts – producers of “the John Cleese training films” - where he was a main board director before leading a management buy-out. After running his own consultancy, Tony joined Investor in Customers in 2011 to develop the business as “the place to come to discover how to offer an exceptional customer experience”.
As MD of Investor in Customers, Tony shows clients how to be remarkable. Using a rigorous assessment methodology to identify gaps between the service that employees believe they deliver and the experience that customers say they receive, the resulting IIC Award combined with a straight-forward report and action plan, help clients enhance, prove and promote their end-to-end customer experience.


For many years’ customer service was a key differentiator, but now just being better at the point-of-sale isn’t enough. Today’s customers have more information than ever before and their experience starts long before you meet them - and long after you sell to them. Join us to discover how to consider the entire customer experience and how to wow customers at every opportunity.