Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar, Managing Director of Sales Coaching Solutions and The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, is one of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers and #1 in Sales and Marketing.

Alison is regularly featured on BBC 1 Breakfast, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian as well as BBC Radio 4 Moneybox and has recently appeared on LBC Radio.

She has trained thousands of people nationally and internationally. Her client list ranges from start-ups all the way through to multi-national conglomerates and includes Dragon’s Den and Apprentice winners.

A newly published author, book Secrets of Successful Sales, which explains her Four Pillars of Sales has reached #1 on the Amazon best-sellers chart.

Secrets of Successful Sales

A lot of people in business think they don’t need sales. In reality if you don’t sell you don’t have a business!

Do you want to get the secrets behind selling AND learn to sell efficiently and effectively? Catch Alison talking about her famous sales methodology, The Four Pillars of Sales, enveloping behaviours, process, strategy, and confidence.

Alison Edgar will be speaking in the following theatres:

KeyNote Theatre 1 - Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30: Secrets of Successful Sales

KeyNote Theatre 1 - Thursday 13.15 - 13.45: Secrets of Successful Sales


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