Catherine Turner

Has taught hundreds, if not thousands of people how to create wealth in their life.
Trained dance teacher & former Public Sector worker, Catherine found she was getting mentally & physically sick from the stress of her job & doing something that wasn''t fulfilling her, plus she kept finding there was too much month left at the end of the money. So on 1st November 2013 Catherine took the leap of faith & took voluntary redundancy with just 5 weeks’ pay to show for her troubles.

Always wanting to be her own boss, but not knowing anyone who was, it was at this time she discovered self-development & wealth education.
Through investing in herself, Catherine has created three successful companies & is now financial free through property investment & her e-commerce business, which she loves as this can be run anywhere in the world with a smartphone & Wi-Fi connection.


Learn more about why running your Amazon Business is a certain fast and scalable model with a very low start-up cost. Anyone can grab a share of this fast growing $ 15 trillion-dollar market place without the need to invent or develop your own products. Catherine will explain how converging business trends create a unique window of opportunity that you can take advantage of right now to change your life forever.


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