Claire Bagehot

Claire is a laser focused consultant and coach, working with visionaries and business leaders to fine tune their inner game and business. Being a ‘recovering overthinker’ herself, she attracts clients who are brilliant brained, curious about their own potential and want to be on the cutting edge in life.
Claire did her best to fit in to certain stereotypes for many years, and like her clients, found that doing so caused certain acceptable societal norms, like anxiety, depression and feeling empty. She now helps those who know they are ahead of their time to flourish and be true leaders in their chosen field of excellence and expertise. Her studies of neuroscience, energetics, spiritual psychology, NLP, FLP, mindset and much more gives her great flexibility in her applicable wisdom and knowledge to her client’s benefit.

EnQ - the coveted, yet almost unknown, Q in leadership today

Learn the basics about EnQ - energetic intelligence, the underpinning of IQ - neuroscience, EQ - emotional intelligence and PQ - physical and health intelligence. Find out how that influences your performance from boardroom to bedroom, how to define and refine your skills for a quantum leap.