John Morris

John Morris has over 15 years senior management experience in VC-backed fast growth businesses including leadership roles with Rackspace, and Viagogo Ltd. Now UK2 Group''s CEO, Morris is responsible for building on the company’s momentum by growing its customer base and driving innovation across the business. UK2 Group is a global group of web hosting brands, providing web hosting and internet services to savvy surfers, small businesses and blue chip giants alike.

Maximising Your Business’ Online Potential

John Morris, Chief Executive Officer at UK2 Group, a leader
in web hosting and internet services, will take you through
some practical tips for maximising your online presence.

He will share common pitfalls to avoid and also how making some
small changes to your business’ online presence can deliver
tangible results. The session will be of value to companies
already online as well as those about to take the leap.


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