Natalia Nicholson

Personal development and business coach Natalia Nicholson has always been an advocate for embracing professional and personal challenges. After excelling in a career within Marketing and Advertising, Natalia finally found her feet in the entrepreneurial world.

Boasting confidence, Natalia found her roles within Advertising taught her to use her infectious personality and fearless attitude. However Natalia''s overconfidence led her to make mistakes. Failing her way to success she transformed her obstacles into motivation and a vision.

Natalia finally took the plunge and started her own business. However, after losing everything including her home, her confidence took a knock. With plenty of perseverance Natalia set up her own cleaning business, which to this day is still successful.
Natalia decided to focus and build on the skills that she had developed and share them with others. She developed a programme of training that would enable people to acquire vital skills within business.

How To Focus & Have Your Best Year In Business

How to beat procrastination and get more done in less time. I will look at how to develop a mind-set of excellence in your business and personal life, how to avoid the 4 steps of failure in business, how to overcome procrastination and take actions, reasons why most people don''t change and how you can use your mind to remove debilitating mental blocks that hold you back.