Tim Marshall MBA, DipFS, ACIB

Tim is Chief Operating Officer and Risk Director at Pay4. His career spans business and financial services in both the UK and an international environment. His roles have included running an SME focussed Banking Group across 3 Countries in East Africa, Head of Risk for a large Commercial Bank in the UK, running a World Bank funded project in Kenya aimed at helping the financial services industry better serve SME businesses, and running a development and change management consultancy targeting Blue Chip businesses. Tim has been with Pay4 since near inception, which is the third time he has held a senior position in a business which is either a start-up and/or experiencing significant growth.

Scaling Up Successfully

Embarking on business expansion in an opportunistic and unstructured way, significantly reduces the chances of achieving your growth aspirations. There are guiding principles, that when followed will greatly increase your chances of success. In this seminar, Tim will provide a clear and structured guide to the foundation required to enhance your chances of scaling up successfully. Tools which you can then use to help achieve the business growth you planned for.