Tushar Agarwal

Tushar Agarwal started Hubble (www.hubblehq.com), an online marketplace for finding and renting office space in London, in early 2014.

A former investment banker, Tushar realised how much vacant space was sitting in corporate buildings and retail warehouses, and thought these could be connected up with London’s burgeoning startups. Tushar, along with cofounder Tom, set up Hubble to make it easier and more transparent for SMEs and startups to find affordable and flexible space. The company also focuses on bigger businesses and longer term space too.

After graduating from the EF accelerator programme, the company has raised around $2 million from the likes of Dragon’s Den’s James Caan, Starwood Capital and Seedcamp.

Quick hacks to save money on your office spaceQuick hacks to save money on your office space

If you are looking for office space or might be in the near future, this talk will guide you on the tips and tricks of beating the property market. Tushar will uncover the easiest and simplest hacks for finding and renting your ideal office space, as well as how to save money on it too.