Viola Edward

Viola Edward is a Mentor & Holistic Psychotherapist, Breathworker & Business Consultant.
After 17 years of Corporate experience in Caracas she re-trained in Breathwork and Holistic Psychotherapy. In 1993 she founded the successful Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela and Edward Consult, Holistic Business Consultant. She continued her development becoming an international lecturer and trainer on Breathwork and holistic business, writing the book “Breathing the Rhythm of Success”. In 2003, at the age of 44, love led her to a new beginning and she moved to the island of Cyprus to marry Michael de Glanville and together they created Kayana Holistic Development. Now at the age of 57, Viola has her base on the island and travels around the globe to offer her broad experience of business and personal development. Viola gives Her sessions in English, Spanish and Arabic, in person and online. Viola is the creator of "Feminine Capital Rhythm".

Feminine Capital Rhythm

Feminine Capital Rhythm is a program created by Viola to help powerful achieving women in breaking free from restraints that prevents them from fully enjoying success and wealth. And for powerful and committed men to break free from cultural judgments that prevent them fully enjoying the company of women in all areas of life. There is a huge need for men and women to build equilibrium in society. We care for equality.


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