Startup Theatre 4

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Thursday 16th Novemeber

Friday 17th November


11.00 - 11.30

Robbie Trower

Start your journey towards GDPR compliance by scanning more and printing less

Stay ahead of the game and adopt tomorrow a more methodical and structured approach to becoming GDPR compliant. Understand how replacing your paper processes with digital ones can enable faster and more efficient search, immediate and controlled access to the documents you need, a complete audit trail and retention periods adhered to from day one. Additionally, we will explore the direct and indirect costs of printing and copying and how investing in a document scanner can bring an ROI in just a matter of months.


11.45 - 12.15

James Pattison

How to get your business funded & access mentoring

Find out how to get access to funding and mentoring for your business. This seminar talks about the different sources of funding available and focuses in on the funding and support available under the government-backed Start Up Loans Scheme.


12.30 - 13.00

Michael Maynard

How to avoid the 5 deadly mistakes when starting your business

Starting a business can be very rewarding but also very risky. We live in an information rich age where information is at our finger tips, but with so much knowledge out there, how do we know what to follow? And considering there is so much information available why are so many businesses failing? I will show you the common reasons why most businesses fail and how you can avoid it.


13.15 - 13.45

Carl Southwell & Matt Mead

I didn''t know football could do that

Sport is a global language that can drive social change in communities. Football is a unique engagement tool that has no barriers to who it can help. Find out how Chelsea FC Foundation are creating new start-ups for job seekers and creating the next generation workforce to think like a start-up.


14.00 - 14.30

Richard Dudley

Duty of care: protecting your business in a crisis

SMEs are no more immune to the threats of terrorism, organised crime or even disgruntled employees than larger organisations. How you respond to these events and ensure you meet your duty of care obligations to your employees as well as preserving your brand and reputation is critical. Find out more about the potential security risks to your business and how you can protect your SME against them.


14.45 - 15.15

Andrew Ardron

Integrated CRM for B2B Success

B2B relationships are complicated by credit limits, payment options, terms, special pricing, and even rules to limit which products can be sold to which customers (and any number of other business rules). And yet, modern B2B customers demand multichannel purchasing (online, email, phone, face-to-face) alongside speedy service and a great experience. CRM has promised…and yet often failed by becoming just another information silo. Integrated CRM may yet have the answer...


15.30 - 16.00

Jason Gee

Create an Online Business in a Single Day

Is it possible to create an online business, or get better results for your current business in a single day? It is if you follow these simple steps.