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Thursday 17th November

Friday 18th November



Michael Dodd

Give Great Answers To Tough Questions

Turn up with your nightmare question from clients, prospects, parliamentary inquiry, financiers, journalists or members of the public and leave with an understanding of what makes a great answer to it. The session deals with the content, structure and delivery style of great answers to tough questions in a way that boosts your effectiveness and your confidence.



Brad Burton


The UK's #1 Motivational Biz Speaker: Don't let the jeans and t-shirt fool you. “A northern Anthony Robbins” - Dragons Den star, Theo Paphitis. MD of the UK’s largest joined-up business network: 4Networking. Member #1 he founded in the business in 2006 and now runs over 5,000 events across the UK each year Author of THREE business books: highest 5* rated author on Amazon. Brad will change the way you think about your life, business forever.



Richard Tyler

Does Size Really Matter?

Play BIG and look after the small stuff! Richard believes that size really does matter. In this whirlwind workshop, he will share with you how the ability to think big, whilst paying attention to the tiny tweaks you can make, is what differentiates those that remain being ordinary and those that play with extraordinary. During this workshop, Richard will disrupt your thinking, challenge you to DO or DIE and teach you how to be a Possibility Architect.



Royston Guest

Is your business Built to Grow?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting out, a business owner looking for accelerated growth or a business leader climbing the corporate ladder, Built to Grow will give you the formula for how you can deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth In this high impact session Royston Guest will share how you can accelerate your business growth through a compelling AMR strategy.



Dr Rob Yeung

Business success for introverts: How to stand out in business

It’s a myth that you need to be an extravert to succeed in business. But it is true that introverts often have to tackle business tasks such as networking and selling to customers in different ways. So how can you make the most of your skills and get ahead? Drawing on extensive research and real-life case studies, psychologist and bestselling author Dr Rob Yeung will give you practical tips that you can apply straightaway.



Neil Pavitt

How To Have Great Ideas For Your Business

Anyone starting a business knows there is going to be long hours and a lot of hard work involved. They also know how important fresh and innovative ideas are to develop your business. But the trouble is, however hard you work, good ideas can sometimes be elusive. Learn about simple and effective techniques to hack your brain and help you become an ideas machine.