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  • Gori Yahaya, Speaking at The Business Show

    Gori Yahaya

    Digital Garage from Google

    From Twitter to Snapchat, there’s a wealth of ways to use social media to boost your business marketing. [more...]

  • Warren Knight, Speaking at The Business Show

    Warren Knight

    Social Media Guru & Founder of Think Digital First

    This keynote presentation will take you through the 4 simple steps to help you define your business online, understand the 4 [more...]

  • Simon Schnieders, Speaking at The Business Show

    Simon Schnieders

    Blue Array SEO

    Our expert speaker, Simon Schnieders, has decades of experience at the forefront of SEO for some of Europe’s leading brands and [more...]

  • CHARLES UZOR, Speaking at The Business Show



    This Seminar is to highlight the importance of branding for businesses. Most entrepreneurs have a misconception of branding that inhibits the [more...]

  • Barbra d’Engle, Speaking at The Business Show

    Barbra d’Engle


    Overview of the Water Economy; The Relationship between Water and Power; Resources, Sustainability and Affordability; The In’s and Out’s of Water; [more...]

  • Clare Groombridge, Speaking at The Business Show

    Clare Groombridge

    South Coast Social

    Do you struggle with your business social media? Perhaps it’s not generating the sales you need, or you’re not sure which [more...]

  • Mark Clisby, Speaking at The Business Show

    Mark Clisby


    Mark discusses the shift in online local search behaviour and how managing your online reputation is critical in winning new business. [more...]

  • Christine Telyan, Speaking at The Business Show

    Christine Telyan


    It seems like a no-brainer in the digital age, but surprisingly, a lot of local businesses are still not using digital [more...]